October 20, 2019

About Us

GMG Underwriters is a specialist insurance intermediary for international insurances of foreign package, kidnap, accident and political risk.

We act as wholesale brokers, underwriting consultants, reinsurance brokers, and program administrators.  While our ultimate customer is the insured, we sell to retail brokers and insurance companies.  We succeed by providing outstanding customer service. 

For retail brokers, our principals can give excellent assistance in determining coverage needs and presenting risks effectively to carriers.  In our specialities, we have some of the most knowledgeable people around.  As specialists, we are well known to the specialist underwriters with whom we work.  We give retail brokers the confidence to close the deal.

For insurance company clients, we will quote and issue policies complementing your policies. We also provide insurance company clients with policy wording, rating and risk selection services for business to be retained, and will arrange treaty reinsurance.

GMG Underwriters also arrange local insurance to support U.S. insureds with foreign locations. We work with a U.K. based specialist, independent consulting group whose principals have extensive experience in working with broker networks around the world. Being in the sphere of the London market, this group is familiar with practices in the most obscure corners of the world as well as routine placements in Europe, Mexico or Canada. GMG Underwriting works directly with certain local carriers and brokers as well as international carriers.

Our principals have extensive experience as direct and reinsurance intermediaries and as underwriters.  Please see biographical notes in About /Staff.

GMG Underwriters is affiliated with GMG Insurance Agency. Founded in 1937, GMG Insurance Agency is a leader in providing quality protection for thousands of individuals, families and businesses.  Its mission is to provide superior customer service and quality insurance products that are designed to protect the assets of its customers.

Whatever your needs, as retail broker or insurance company client, let us help you get the business done in our specialities of foreign package, kidnap, accident and political risk.

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